RTFM – WordPress in a subdomain

Yes, we should all read the manual :-).

I tried to have this blog available from blog.krisgielen.be/ and used the administration tool provided by my hosting company (Infomaniak, highly recommended if you have a website to host in Europe) to create the subdomain and create an .htaccess file that redirects http://www.krisgielen.be/blog to http://blog.krisgielen.be

Everything seemed to be correct, and yet it did not work. When I tried http://blog.krisgielen.be, I ended up at the my homepage http://www.krisgielen.be/, never at the blog.

I contacted the support desk of my hoster, but they confirmed it was all OK, and the redirection actually happened in WordPress itself.

So I started to search for a solution to this problem… until I finally decided to look at the WordPress documentation.
At http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory, I learned that what I wanted to do is not difficult at all… it’s a simple Settings option.

I followed the instructions… et voila!


WordPress 2.6 keeps impressing me

I just migrated from Google’s Blogger to WordPress and I continue to be impressed with the software. The latest trick that really made my day is the import functionality. With just 1 click I could import all my posts from Blogger! It’s amazing:

WordPress 2.6 Import page

WordPress 2.6 Import page


Hello world!

More than a year ago, I started blogging. I have been using Google’s Blogger service, but ran into it’s limits a few times:

  • It is very difficult, if not impossible, to print pages with Firefox. It’s unclear why, but for longer topics, not everything is printed.
  • Uploading pictures is easy, but they always get inserted at the top of the edit box, which means you have to drag it down (or cut and paste) to the proper location.
  • I could not manage to get html code pasted properly to show some of the code I’ve been creating (and I’m not the only one)

So I finally decided to try WordPress. I downloaded it from WordPress.org and installed it on my webserver. Installation was quick and easy, and I have to say, it works like a charm! I’m impressed.

Obviously a couple of weeks of usage will confirm whether WordPress is better than Blogger, from what I’m seen so far, it looks great.