Editing Contacts with the full Contact Editing Form in Outlook 2013

I like Outlook 2013, with useful improvements like inline replies, calendar sneak peak and performance improvements. What I don’t like, however, is the default way how double-clicking a Contact works. In Outlook 2013, you get a Contact Card with only a few of the details that you can edit:

I prefer the “old” full contact editing form when double-clicking a contact.
You can do that by clicking on Outlook (Contacts) in the View Source section:


That will open the full Outlook Contact Editing Form:

I learned about this by reading Open the full contact editing form in Outlook 2013 on MSOutlook.info.
The article has more information about this behavior and even provides you with a few options to disable it.


Quick Tip: See all unread GMail

I love the fast search capability of GMail, so I’m forwarding all my mail to it. But that also means there are times when I have quite a lot of “Unread” mail. Gmail is only showing mailboxes in pages, so there’s no easy way to quickly have a look at all unread mail to “mark as read”. At least not in the UI. But you can get a list of all unread mail by simply searching for


This is just an Advanced Search. Want to play with those a bit more? Check the Google Advanced Search-help page.