Change text size in Notes pane of PowerPoint

In one of my PowerPoint slide decks, the Notes pane at the bottom in the Normal View showed the presenter notes in a very large font. When looking at the font size however, nothing seems to be wrong: it was 10.5 points, which seems to be the default.

It took quite some googl’ing until I finally figured out that somehow the Zoom factor of the Notes text was changed.

To reset it to the default size:

  1. Click in the Notes pane
  2. In the Ribbon, in the View tab, click Zoom
  3. Set to 100%
  4. Click OK.

You can also change the size of the Notes pane text  by holding the CTRL key and use the scroll wheel of your mouse, while hovering over the Notes pane.


Editing Contacts with the full Contact Editing Form in Outlook 2013

I like Outlook 2013, with useful improvements like inline replies, calendar sneak peak and performance improvements. What I don’t like, however, is the default way how double-clicking a Contact works. In Outlook 2013, you get a Contact Card with only a few of the details that you can edit:

I prefer the “old” full contact editing form when double-clicking a contact.
You can do that by clicking on Outlook (Contacts) in the View Source section:


That will open the full Outlook Contact Editing Form:

I learned about this by reading Open the full contact editing form in Outlook 2013 on
The article has more information about this behavior and even provides you with a few options to disable it.


Quick Tip: See all unread GMail

I love the fast search capability of GMail, so I’m forwarding all my mail to it. But that also means there are times when I have quite a lot of “Unread” mail. Gmail is only showing mailboxes in pages, so there’s no easy way to quickly have a look at all unread mail to “mark as read”. At least not in the UI. But you can get a list of all unread mail by simply searching for


This is just an Advanced Search. Want to play with those a bit more? Check the Google Advanced Search-help page.