Quick Word Tip: Using a Style Separator

In an article on MakeOfficeWork.com, I learned that you can apply 2 paragraph styles to 1 paragraph using a Style Separator. I would love to have known about this feature before as I had quite a few occasions where I wanted to use only part of a heading to appear in a Table of Content (TOC).

The trick is to press CTRL+ALT+ENTER between 2 paragraphs with a different style. This will change the paragraph break of the current paragraph to a Style Separator, merging the current paragraph with the following paragrah without merging the paragraph styles.

Example: using this technique for a paragraph with style Heading 1, followed by another paragraph with another style:
generates the following TOC:


Quick Tip: See all unread GMail

I love the fast search capability of GMail, so I’m forwarding all my mail to it. But that also means there are times when I have quite a lot of “Unread” mail. Gmail is only showing mailboxes in pages, so there’s no easy way to quickly have a look at all unread mail to “mark as read”. At least not in the UI. But you can get a list of all unread mail by simply searching for


This is just an Advanced Search. Want to play with those a bit more? Check the Google Advanced Search-help page.