Redownloading a Podcast in iTunes

During the Summer months, I am doing a radio show at a local radiostation. The show is also available as podcast. Unfortunately, sometimes iTunes only downloads a part of the show. Until recently, I didn’t know how you could force iTunes to redownload a podcast episode.

Thanks to this website, I learned the trick: first delete the episode that did not download fully. In your podcast library, click the little grey triangle next to the show name to collapse it (so that you cannot see all of the episodes). Now, while holding the option key down on a mac, or the shift key on a pc) click on the triangle again. iTunes will think for a second and then show all of the episodes posted to the current RSS feed and allow any not in your library to be downloaded…including episodes you’ve deleted!


Listen to the Office UI guys

The TWIT Netcast network is offering a very interesting podcast this week: 2 people of the Office 2007 UI team, Jensen Harris and Jacob Jaffe, are talking about the new interface in episode 15 of “Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott”.

And while we’re at it: other podcasts I like to listen to are the original TWIT (This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte) and the incredible Cranky Geeks. Yes, I admit, I am a big fan of John C. Dvorak.