SharePoint 2007 Quickie: Adding Lists to a Meeting WorkSpace

In a previous post, I complained about the fact that SharePoint 2007 is not intuitive enough. With this Quickie, I want to share the best way to add a List to a Meeting Workspace:

  • The way not to do it: I thought you needed to select Site Actions > Edit Page and then Add a Web Part to add a Custom List to a Meeting Workspace.However, if you do that, you get a list of Web Parts that you can add, but not the list you would expect (or at least, the list I expected). I was looking for a way to add a Custom List, but just a few predefined Lists (Attendees, Directions, Discussion Board, …) appeared. There was no way to add a Custom List:
  • The way to do it: Simply select Site Actions > Create to add a Custom List to the Meeting Workspace. If you do that, you get the full list of things you can add:The List will be added to the left hand side at the bottom, but after creating it, you can select Site Actions > Edit Page to move the List somewhere.

OK, I have to admit that it isn’t that illogical after all to use Create for adding a list, but then again, it would have been nice if you could do the same when using Add a Web Part.


SharePoint 2007: More bugs

Unfortunately, my experiences with SharePoint 2007 are revealing more bug.

  • I already mentioned the issue that after saving a Meeting Workspace as a template, the resulting Meeting Workspaces don’t not keep the view settings that you defined in the template.
    Specifically, I created custom lists in a Basic Meeting Workspace, saved it as a template and then used it as Meeting Workspace (created from Outlook).
    In the template, the lists are defined as showing the All Items view with a Summary Toolbar:However, when actually using it, the meeting workspace always shows a different view, with a Full Toolbar. On top, one of the lists even shows a drop-down box where you can choose a view. It’s not logical that this happens:
  • When I tried to add a Column to a list, clicking the OK button did not do anything. Debugging the issue, the problem lies in a Javascript error: “Helperfrm is null or not an object”. I’m not the only one with the problem. The only work-around I found was to use the FireFox browser (!) to create the column.

SharePoint 2007: 2-way synchronization with Outlook 2007

After experimenting a bit further, I am happy to see that there is 2-way synchronization for Calendars and Contact Lists between SharePoint 2007 and Outlook 2007.
Unfortunately, this does not work with Outlook 2003, as confirmed in another blog:
“Outlook 2003 can link to SharePoint Calendars and Contact Lists on your new MOSS 2007 server and download read-only copies of that content. Outlook integrates with MOSS servers in exactly the same way as any SharePoint server, so there’s no additional limitations over the read-only nature of Outlook 2003’s sync’ing feature. Upgrade to Outlook 2007 to get the full 2-way sync experience against MOSS.
Andrew Ash
Microsoft Outlook