Office 2007 SP1 is out

A few days ago I learned through John C Dvorak’s splendid Tech 5 report that Microsoft published SP1 for Office 2007.

I downloaded SP1 from the Microsoft Download site and installed it. It took about 5 minutes.
I’ll have a look at the details of the Office 2007 SP1 package and let you know about my experiences with it in the next couple of days.

By the way, check out CrankyGeeks with John as well. I admit, I am a fan!


Guides to the 2007 Office system user interface on one page

I’ve talked before about the Interactive Guides on where to find a command in Office 2007, if you know where it was in 2003. The links still work, but meanwhile Microsoft has put them all on one page.

You not only get links to the Interactive Guides for Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, you can also download them.

Also, on that same page, you’ll find links to Mapping Workbooks, which are Excel Workbooks that contain lists of all Office 2003 menu and toolbar commands and their locations in the 2007 Office system.


Keyboard Shortcut Favorites

I am one of those guys who likes to use Keyboard Shortcuts a lot. While I’m not particularly fond of the way Office 2007 provides keyboard access to all entries on the Ribbon (*), I do use quite a few of the “old-fashioned” Keyboard Shortcuts that worked in previous versions of Office. Luckily, all of the keyboard shortcuts in Office 2007 continue to work exactly as they did before.
These are a few of my favorites:

Excel 2007:

  • F2: enter formula
  • CTRL+PageDown / CTRL + PageUp: Previous/Next Worksheet
  • CTRL+0 (zero, not Num key zero): Hide column
  • SHIFT+CTRL+0 (zero, not Num key zero): Show column
  • CTRL+9 (nine, not Num key nine): Hide row
  • SHIFT+CTRL+9 (nine, not Num key nine): Show row
  • CTRL+SHIFT+U: Resize formula bar
  • When entering a formula: SHIFT+CTRL+A: fill in arguments
  • CTRL+` (left apostrophe, on most keyboards above the TAB key): show formulas in cells

Word 2007:

  • CTRL+[ / CTRL+]: Increase/Decrease font size with 1pt
  • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR: Insert a non-breaking space
  • CTRL+SHIFT+-: Insert a non-breaking hyphen
  • CTRL+-: Insert an optional hyphen
  • CTRL+SPACEBAR: Remove formatting (particularly useful to remove Character Formatting)
  • CTRL+K: Insert a hyperlink
  • SHIFT+F5: Toggle through the last 3 locations where you were editing
  • SHIFT+F3: Change case

PowerPoint 2007:

  • Quickly add a new slide, using the Layout you want: CTRL+M, Alt (**), H, L
  • TAB: Move through all objects on a slide, even the ones that are not visible (behind another object). Start by selecting any object that is not a text box, then (repeatedly) press TAB.
  • In presentation mode: press B to make the screen Black, B again to return to your slide. Also, press the slide number, followed by ENTER, to move to that slide.


  • (*) Pressing and releasing the ALT key will give you ‘KeyTips’, letters that you can press to activate a tab or button:

    Another way to get to all entries on the Ribbon is pressing F10, and then using the arrow keys to select the Tab and button you need.
  • (**) Press and Release the ALT key.